Christian Home Baptist Church was founded in 1884, when a few devoted men of God, met in October 1884 and organizedChristianHomeBaptistChurch, “Bush Harbor Style.” These devoted men included Spencer Lassiter, James Gray and Eddie Jordan. After holding “BushHarbor” meetings, others joined and they included Walter Johnson, C.W. Glover, Sr., A.R. Glover, Sr., Nettie Jordan, Mary Johnson, and Mary Sue Williams.

As years and time progressed, others later joined. They included, J.H. Hawkins, Hobart Graves, Wesley Williams, Robert Jordan, and Richard Eley. These faithful members set the stage for our present church.

Seven (7) pastors have been called by the membership. Reverend Knight served well for eleven (11) years and built the first partial structure. Reverend W.M. Reid was called in 1885, and during his pastorate more space was added to the former sanctuary. Reverend Gummer was called in 1909, and during his pastorate the interior of the former church was completed. In October 1917, the church called Reverend S.L. Scott to serve as pastor, and under his leadership, twenty (20) feet were added to the former building, which included the belfry and gallery. In 1948, T.H. Ashe served as pastor and he faithfully led the congregation in the installation of oil burners and rest rooms in the former building. He served until his death.

In October 1954, Reverend Solomon E. Diggs was called to serve as pastor and he served for thirty-two (32) years. Under his leadership, the church made several structural improvements to the former building, which included; installation of the new pews, carpet, heating system, an electric organ, removal of the lower platform; change the position of the choir stand, the addition of a fellowship annex, which included a library, clerk’s office, pastor study, classrooms and kitchen. It was also during the pastorate of Reverend Diggs that the bricking of the former structure took place. Later improvements were wall to wall carpeting throughout the former sanctuary, central air, a public address system and new overhead lighting. On August 1, 1986, Reverend Diggs retired as pastor of Christian Home Baptist Church and the church was without a pastor.

Under the leadership of the ministry of Deacons and other church officers, the church continued to prosper. One acre of land, donated by C.W. Glover, was cleared of timber to enlarge the parking area, as well as the installation of cement walkways. The church also purchased it first copying machine and other office supplies. Ceiling fans were also installed in the choir area and vestibule in the former sanctuary, and the baptism pool was refurbished. During this period, God continued to add to His church.

After much thoughtful prayer and consideration, the church, after having been without a pastor for eighteen (18) months, called Reverend Wendell M. Waller, to serve as pastor in February 1988. Worship services went from twice a month to every Sunday and we paved our church parking lot.

In 1992, the church purchased three (3) acres of land from C.W. Glover, Jr. On March 31, 1998, the church began construction of a new church facility at a cost of more than a half-million dollars, consisting of more than 8,000 square feet. The new construction included a new sanctuary and office space. In addition, the church purchased new sanctuary furniture and a new state of the art sound system, with taping capabilities, so that all services can be audio taped. The church entered the new facility on April 29, 1999. The church’s mortgage was paid off in eight years, and on September 21, 2008, the church celebrated this occasion by having a mortgage burning ceremony.

The church’s theme is Preparing People for Christian Service. The ministries of CHBC continue to flourish and the membership of the church continues to grow. God has greatly blessed this community of believers. From humble beginnings, God has watched over us and we stand as witnesses of His goodness and grace towards us.